Decking and Skirting

Enhance your space with Decking and Skirting for your holiday home.

All in UPVC with specialised anti slip surface. Broughton Leisure can provide beautiful decking for your caravan or lodge. We also provide skirting to protect and finish the base of your Holiday Home. Decking and skirting can be made to fit all static caravans and lodges. We can also provides steps, ramps, storage boxes and gates for your holiday home.

Quality Product Guaranteed Sub Frame Our Galvanised steel sub-frame creates the ideal base on which to build a decking or verandah. By reinforcing the posts and balustrades with steel, there is no timber to create a fire risk or to rot in damp conditions. The steel sub-frame is simplicity in it self. It consists of just two components, a steel ‘I’ beam and its connector. The sub-frame is easily connected into a grid pattern and the deckboards and fitted directly to the steel joints. Deckboards Our Deckboards have been designed by Liniar and designed at their state-of-the-art-factory in Derbyshire. With an anti slip surface, which has been successfully tested to British standard 7976. They offer a great level of strength and durability when installed with our galvanized steel sub-frame. The deck boards are slightly domed to maximise drainage and are available in a choice of four colours.

They can be mixed and matched with the balustrade to suit the overall style of your caravan or lodge. Additionally all PVCu deckboards carry a Class 1 fire rating. Balustrades There is a choice of vertical pickets available and these are topped off by what e believe to be the best hand rail on the market with its pleasant feel and attractive sightlines. As well as the standard post caps there is a choice of decorative mouldings to add to the look along with the option of post-top lights. Accessories and Colour Options: Other accessories include Balustrade post caps and lighting options.

Colour options for deck boards: White, Cream, Beige and Stone. Colour option for balustrades: White, Cream, Beige, Forest Green, Golden Oak, Grey, Black, Irish Oak, Rosewood, Mahogany. For samples or a quotation please contact us: 01834 891444